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Sharing God's Love



Thank you for visiting our site. We at Cherish the Dove are committed to seek the doors of opportunities to help the oppressed, the hungry and those in need.


It has been a privilege to put together a group of people who desire to dedicate their time and resources to provide helping hands. For example, we provide funds to churches and individuals in the Czech Republic to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ into towns and areas where there are no churches or we assist a student in College with funds for education because her Mom struggles with drug addiction or provide financial support to homeless vets as they work against drugs, sex-trafficking and violence in southern Arizona and more and more. As part of our educational focus, we provide life coaching services and seminars. 


We strive to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ and work with the Kingdom of Heaven to share God's love and light of His world in the Earth.

The mission of the company is to provide financial and educational support to organizations and individuals in need. If you have any questions about the specific ways that we can provide assistance, please, contact us. 

If your desires are aligned with the mission 

of our company, please, contact us with your request and we will seek to find a way to help. Become a part of shining His light to the world around you. 

To sow and to add your support, please, feel free to donate by clicking on the link above.

We are a 501 c 3 and every dollar that you donate is tax deductible and goes to help the ministry. 

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